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Bainbridge Launches Online Media Practice Group!

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Bainbridge OMPG is dedicated to the understanding and formulation of competitive strategies in and around new media. This blog will be a weekly look at what the strategic implications of particular stories are across markets.

How does convergence affect media buying? What roles will Microsoft, Google et al play in the coming media landscape and what does that mean for traditional companies? How are the roles of various players in the media value chain changing to adapt to consumer demand and technology shifts?

Our hope is that ideas surrounding possible media futures and the implications of those futures will be openly discussed here. Along with Bainbridge's OMPG analysts, we will use this blog as a sounding board to post thoughts regarding current market events or situations. From time to time a big idea might drag for a couple of posts.

We Look forward to adding Bainbridge OMPG's thoughts to the blog community, and to hearing from all those with an interest in online advertising and media.

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